TCC Loyalty Forum

Cannes, October 2022



Join us for a festival of creativity, insight, powerful marketing solutions and inspiring business thinkers. Come away with new loyalty strategies and campaigns that reflect the world of today’s shopper.

We’re celebrating an Omnichannel world where shoppers have an explosion of choices. From new retailers to innovative new channels, both leading to more personalised experiences. This world isn’t an emerging trend, it’s the here and now.

The new normal – everyday reality for retailers, shoppers and families. 

A well-crafted loyalty platform can sit at the heart of a retailer’s Marketing Strategy and well-crafted campaigns bring powerful results, that change shopper behaviour and bond them to your brand.

At the Loyalty Forum in Cannes this October you can explore, create and tailor the next generation of loyalty campaigns.

Campaigns and solutions that help bring loyalty to life for your shoppers.

Solutions that reach shoppers wherever they are, in more exciting, engaging and personalised ways.



Hello and a very warm welcome to our retail clients and partners around the world. 

It is my pleasure to invite you to our Loyalty Forum in Cannes this October. Over 200 retail executives will come together for what is one of the most exciting, engaging and innovative days in the retail calendar. 

It is especially exciting that after an enforced break, we will come together again; To celebrate the best loyalty solutions in the industry and look to a future full of potential. 

You can expect all of the things that have made this a destination for retailers for more than a decade: Amazing store tours, inspiring speakers and the chance to explore a whole new generation of loyalty strategies, platforms and campaigns. 

However, this Loyalty Forum will also be different. There will be the largest and most immersive collection of experiences we’ve ever created. Dedicated to solutions that connect retailers with local communities, drive positive social impact, while staying focused on environmental sustainability. 

Most importantly, the theme is The OmniEveryday. Innovation will be
at the heart of the event as we explore digital solutions and rewards,
personalisation and what the Metaverse means for retail loyalty. 

All of our guests can also build their own, entirely personalised
and tailored agenda – focus on what matters to you, when you
want to! 

So please join us this October in Cannes. À bientôt!

Rick Swinkels

CEO, TCC Global



Walter Robb

Former CEO,
Whole Foods Market

Walter Robb, former CEO of renowned supermarket business Whole Foods Market, will talk about how they were one of the first to respond to the demand for healthy, organic, sustainably sourced produce and where that journey has taken them. Walter will also set out his vision for the future of responsible retailing.

Martin Lindstrom

TIME Magazine influential 100 Honoree,
author and branding expert

Martin Lindstrom is a Time magazine influential 100 Honoree, best-selling author and one of the world’s most respected consumer branding experts. He will dive head-first into tackling the power of loyalty in the new normal.

Philipp Hohmann

Head of Brand Marketing,
REWE Group

Philipp Hohmann, Head of Brand Marketing at the REWE Group, Germany’s 2nd largest retailer, with a growing customer base of more than 40 million people. He will share the innovative and ground-breaking work they are doing to deliver loyalty campaigns that build deep community connections.

Christine Mack

Senior Project Manager,

Christine Mack is currently Senior Project Manager at rheingold. She studied a Masters of Science degree in Psychology and Management at the International School of Management,Cologne. Christine has been working for rheingold since 2019 and she specialises in Food Retail, FMCG Industry, GenZ/Youth and Sustainability. She is also an experienced webinar and
forum speaker.



The French grocery retail sector is a fascinating industry. Home to globally familiar trends and issues, as well as possessing its own unique features and dynamics. In common with many other markets, France has undergone some big shifts in the last decade, with significant growth for discounters, a move towards online grocery shopping and hypermarket operators working hard to repurpose and revitalise their larger stores.

Despite these trends typical of most West European markets, France is home to some true innovators in food retail and has some distinctive attributes that make it a fascinating market to visit. Despite being home to the world’s first hypermarket and becoming a world-leader in Drive (click & collect), the French market still boasts some strong traditional aspects, such as a still sizeable informal retail trade, thanks to resilient street markets and independent greengrocers, butchers, bakers and fishmongers – a testament to the country’s love of fine food and drink.

Fittingly, as France is the home of the hypermarket, you’ll be able to see some fantastic reimagination of the big box concept from the likes of Auchan, Carrefour and Leclerc. With fresh food at the heart of a broader proposition that includes other grocery lines and a streamlined general merchandise range. Service counters, loose product areas, organic departments and superb wine sections are the order of the day in these stores.

There will also be a chance to see some highly differentiated formats that might make you think differently about your own stores and categories within them. Picard is one of the world’s leading frozen food specialists and trades from a unique store concept that lets the product speak for itself. Also unique, is Cabesto, a remarkable retailer that brings everything to do with the water, all the way from boating gear to the finest seafood, together under one roof.

Finally, one of Europe’s leaders in urban retailing, Monoprix, is always worth a visit. With a strong leaning towards premium private label across both food and non-food, Monoprix is a byword for excellence in service and merchandising. 

Once again, tcc has selected a great variety of thought-provoking stores for you to visit, enabling you to return to your business with some new ideas and fresh perspectives.



Auchan is a global multichannel retailer that is owned by the Mulliez family, who also control many non-food retail  businesses. Known best for its eponymous hypermarkets, the retailer also trades through supermarkets and
a number of
e-commerce platforms.
Auchan is striving to turn around the performance of its larger stores, integrating them into its e-commerce operations, adding in non-food concessions and prioritising fresh food to drive footfall.

Cabesto is unlike any store you have ever seen before: trading with the strapline, ‘All the pleasures of the water’, the store offers an immense range of water-related categories, encompassing swimming, fishing, boating, clothing and seafood. The company has other stores around the country that focus on water-related pastimes, mountaineering, caving and camping.

Carrefour is a global multichannel retailer currently engaged in a digital transformation programme, intended to overhaul its marketing and loyalty endeavours. Its ‘Act for Food’ initiative has put healthy eating and sustainability at the forefront of its strategy while it continues to work hard to rejuvenate its hypermarkets. Its hypermarkets have received significant investments in look and feel, service counters and moved towards greater ranges of organics and loose items.

Grand Frais is a major multiple retailer with a unique business model: separate companies operate the stores and have various departments within them, such as produce, grocery, meat and bakery. This creates a market-style proposition where specialist suppliers and retailers come together to create a compelling offer with freshness and localness at its heart.

Another French-based hypermarket pioneer, Leclerc operates a broad portfolio of stores and e-commerce operations. Its stores are owned and operated by local entrepreneurs meaning that no two stores are the same. The retailer is known for its price leadership in the market and its stores are justifiably well-regarded for excellence in fresh foods and service counters.

Often likened to the UK’s Marks & Spencer, Monoprix is an upmarket retailer with extensive ranges in grocery and clothing. It is a strong force in urban retailing, trading through hundreds of city centre stores with a focus on food-for-now and food-for-later in addition to its core grocery range. Private label is at the core of the business and it has successfully diversified into convenience via the growth of its smaller Monop’ concept.

Recognition for the quality of Picard’s private label range of frozen foods has come in the shape of its products being sold by other retailers like M&S and Ocado. Its focus on frozen foods and quality means that the retailer has almost singlehandedly removed any snobbery around frozen food in France. Its sleek stylish stores are a joy to shop in and it has an innovative loyalty scheme too.




Palais de Festivals, Cannes


Le Majestic, Cannes

DATES 2022:

25th October

Arrive in Cannes
Optional Store Tours departing from the hotel at 14.00
Welcome Cocktail followed by Dinner, starting at 19:00

26th October

Event Day 1: Speakers Forum and Live Loyalty Experience

27th October

Event Day 2: Optional Store Tours and Tailor Made Agenda

Depart evening of 27th or morning 28th October